Will CCUSD Seek Another Parcel Tax?

School Board President Claims, “We have no money”

Is it possible? I spoke to the President of the Culver City Board of Education at the Clayton Library and Museum on Sunday, June 8, 2019. My question, “Are you going to put another parcel tax for us to vote on?” Well, Kelly Kent said, “We don’t have any money”. For those of us who have a fifth-grade memory will clearly remember a commentary from May 2019 when the Governor told us how much dough was in the pipeline. Although the exact amount hasn’t been decided the exact size of check just might be much, much larger to accommodate all those zeroes. The bigger question is where did all that tax money go? I just bet many of you remember State Senator John Moorlach’s fiscal responsibility rating of all the school districts in the Golden State. If we are honest with each other we would admit the Board doesn’t seem, in my opinion, to have a long-range policy other than throwing money at various projects. It just might take the strong hand of Superintendent Dr. Lockhard talking behind closed doors. How many more parcel tax increases do we get before the district hires a professional to audit the books.

A free technology workshop sponsored by AARP will be at the Culver City Veterans Building 4117 Overland on Saturday, June 29, 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Call (1-866-591-8105) or register online at (aarp.cvent.com/teklang). For those who are not members of AARP call for the Intro to Android Smart Phones: Beginner Workshop.

Pricilla Presley, Elvis ex just sold her Brentwood home for $3.65 million. Wow, she was married to Elvis from 1967 to 1973 and is now 74. Where does the time go?

Over 460 cities in the United States have raised the smoking age to 21; will Culver City do it this year?

From the Kiplinger Letter: the Federal Government plans to give farmers up to $16 billion in aid in three installments starting next month. It just might be time to plant those World War II “Liberty Gardens.

If cooking is your number 1 passion, then you must be on pins and needles for the ultimate Wine and Food Experience coming to Los Angeles on November 9th, 2019. For tickets (wineandfood.USAToday.com)

Be darn sure you do what ever it takes to get the May 2019 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine. In the Pacific Northwest there are folks turning sweet tea into gasoline. Don’t laugh-the Boeing Company is working to convert pond scum into aviation fuel.

Do you love watermelon? On June 29, 2019 and June 30th at the California Watermelon Festival at Hansen Dam; 60,000 pounds will be eaten.

While waiting in the West Los Angeles VA Regional Hospital a friend let me read his copy of the August 14, 2018 report in the Defense News concerning our merchant marine fleet. In 1951 flying the Stars and Stripes were 1,288 ships. Today the number is just 81. The United States must use foreign flagged ships to sustain our forces overseas which might not always be available.

Mothers are you aware? Proportion of all childhood scald burns in the United States are caused by instant soup products, according to research presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference.

In time Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President recently said, “We are confronting a bullying enemy. We have to stand to win.:” When it comes to President Trump, Rouhani might be right.

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing changes to its mammogram regulations for women with dense breasts.

According to all my cousins at the American Legion all honorably discharged veterans; no matter their branch of service, are now eligible to shop tax-free online at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (PX) with the same discounts they enjoyed on base while in the military.

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