Senator Harris Makes Stop on Campaign Trail

Seeks to Become First Woman President


Kamala Harris and Samantha Gardner

Samantha Gardner - KSM KId Scoop Media - May 19, 2019

A direct quote from Michelle Obama, "Our love, our gratitude, our admiration for our men and women in uniform, our veterans and their families - all of that is bigger than any one party or any one election." Michelle Obama is the wife of the first African American President in America. With her autobiography, she has influenced maybe even more people than her husband. However, she was not the president; she was the first lady. In fact, we have never had a woman president before. I believe this election, that is going to change with Senator Kamala Harris. I had the privilege to interview her and shake her hand at her presidential rally at Los Angeles Southwest College on May 19th.

Before Senator Harris spoke, there was a list of other leaders who spoke on her behalf. For example, Congresswoman Katie Hill, Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, Community College Board Trustee and President Mike Fong, and State Senator Holly Mitchell. They spoke about how they were endorsing her and why they were supporting her for president. After much time, Senator Harris walked out from backstage as everyone cheered and chanted, "KAMALA! KAMALA!" I had become very excited. She started by saying that some people don't want to hear the truth but she's going to say the truth no matter what. She then began every topic with, "Let's speak truth." For example, Let's speak truth; the healthcare system in this country is broken."

She discussed many topics such as health care, the criminal justice system, the abortion bans, and many more. After she spoke, she came around my area and shook hands and took pictures with everyone. As she came around to my side, I watched the cameras follow her, so I knew she was getting closer. When I finally saw her come out from the crowd, she walked over and shook my hand. I asked for a picture and I got a selfie with her as I told her I would see her later. During that moment I was practically squealing because I was so excited. She was so polite and kind and I was very excited to interview her after the rally.

After this we asked the press people where to go and we started to make an arc around the podium so that Kamala could speak. She walked out. This time no one cheered because cameras were rolling and only press was allowed in the room. She asked me first to ask her a question. I had typed out eight questions and was between question five and question six. These two questions were, "Affordable health care should be a right. Unfortunately, our current President is taking that away, especially for those with pre-existing conditions like cancer. As President, what would you do about the Affordable Care Act?" and, "I really respect the way the Prime Minister of New Zealand responded to gun violence and bigotry in her country. Which current world leader do you most admire?" I ended up choosing the healthcare one because of my family's experience with cancer and everyone after told me how great my question was. Kamala also respected what I said which made me feel very proud.

In my opinion there are many reasons Senator Harris would be qualified to be the President of the United States. One, she is amazing at debating and she's clear about her beliefs. Two, she has been Attorney General for the State of California, United States Senator, and District Attorney for the City of San Francisco. Three, she really connects with people and as President, this is very important! In conclusion, this rally was an amazing way to kick off the campaign in Los Angeles!


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