By Neil Rubenstein
Observer Columnist 

Government Pension Shortfalls Also Hit Oregon


Now that Theodorsia and I have a great granddaughter; I wondered what the most popular baby names were as announced by the Social Security Administration for 2016.

Boys Girls

1. William Ava

2. Noah Olivia

3. Mason Emma

4. James Isabella

5. Elijah Madison

6. Liam Charlotte

7. Aiden Sophia

8. Carter Harper

9. Michael Amelia

10. Ethan Abigail

Perhaps during the Revolutionary War getting promoted in the Continental Army was faster than today. For example, the Marquis de Lafayette was a 19-year-old French nobleman when George Washington made him a major general.

Theodorsia and I last year were trying a new route going from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia when I discovered we were low on gasoline. As we got off Interstate 20 at exit 183, we spotted a sign pointing to Harlem. I just know many of you are smiling because that’s where a delightful museum is located – and its jam backed with Oliver Hardy stuff – as one half of the Laurel and Hardy team who was born in Harlem, Georgia on January 18, 1892.

Rumor has its Phoenix Arizona wanted to give Culver City five drones, 4 K-9 drug sniffers and four 2018 Black and white police patrol vehicles in trade for our fantastic city traffic engineer Gabe Barcia. After being turned down Phoenix is ready to award a contract for a system to reduce the risk of wrong way driving on their Interstate and freeway system. The $3.7 million system would use thermal camera technology to sense those drivers and others on the road and prevent accidents.

Just when taxpayers thought they saw daylight on the pension mess the board overseeing Oregon’s public pension system has lowered assumptions about investment returns. The cut is from 7.5 percent to 7.2 percent which will increase unfunded liability from $22 Billion to more than $24 Billion. As I recall from the documents, I received a while ago Culver City’s unfunded liability was over $300 Million, and that didn’t include the Board of Education.

Public Citizen recommends that we do not use magnesium supplements to prevent leg cramps, because there is no evidence that it works.

Family members are responding to the crisis in Puerto Rico by sending money so islanders can buy food and other essentials. It’s a crying shame what Trump and the other Washington D.C. stinkers are doing to these American citizens.

Be smart and fill your pantry with health staples especially the seven (7) healthiest beans grains and legumes are listed:

• Quinoa

• Millet

• Lentils

• Black beans

• Oats

• Pinto Beans

• Brown Rice

In a 5-2 ruling, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld traffic cameras enforcement. It is the third time the court has struck down legislative restrictions opposed by the cities including the latest to require a police officer to be present.

The U.S. Army has begun testing an extreme road version of the Chevrolet Colorado pick-up powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The military and General Motors collaborated to develop the Colorado ZH2 fuel cell electric truck.

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