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A Survivor’s Poem

By Grace Bohannon

I am a survivor.

I don’t just survive,

I thrive.

I move with a positive vibe.

I thrive.

I step back in stride and I go

on for life’s joyful ride.

I thrive.

Back on life’s stage to direct

my part, with gusto I go forth

with a happy heart.

I thrive.

Not just here for the thrill,

but here also for the times

of the dark sacred silent still.

I thrive.

Reflecting on the rising sun

and the new days to come,

I thrive.

With the help of my maker,

I cheated the undertaker.

God is not yet ready for me .

New goals must be set and met.

I thrive.

Sometimes things go so very wrong,

but now life is ripe with a brand new song.

I don’t just survive

I thrive



By Grace Bohannon

You show the love in your heart with the service of your hands.

Your unseen love and patience

we will not forget:

the showers

the baths

the shaves

the meals prepared

just sitting and being there

the appointments you help to keep

the quiet times you watched us weep

the humor you brought

the provocative thought

the music we shared

you just being there

Caregivers you show us your heart

with the service of your hands.

You embody love.


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