By Neil Rubenstein
Observer Columnist 

Kamala Harris Proposes Whopping $13K Increase for Teachers


April 18, 2019

I read with interest the California Senator and Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris is proposing a salary increase for teachers of darn near $13,000 per year. It seems for every buck received by the districts three dollars would be from Washington and the Feds. Now don’t get me wrong I like instructors, but if we need to reward groups and causes; we could start with Native Americans who have been decimated since the Mayflower by Europeans-can we give them $15,000 each per year? Then $20,000 goes to the African-Americans each year for slavery, lack of an education and many other reasons. Don’t neglect Japanese and the concentration camps during World War II $10,000 for those who studied California History the Chinese were viciously preyed upon. $4,000 per year. The farmers were just evil to the Latinos in the fields. $2,000 per year. The World War II Merchant Marines who weren’t given everything promised as Veterans and all the blood they spilled all over the world, $7,500 per year. Finally, there are the seniors who are to get by on a social security pension that is a joke. So, my friends it you want to give over $13,000 to the teachers each year, you should think of the others who deserve it also.

In Vermont Castleton University plans to offer a cannabis studies program for students starting this summer.

While in the District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser is proposing repealing the sales tax on diapers.

Our friends in Waterloo, Iowa report they are hopeful they can get permission to build a sculpture commemorating women’s voting rights in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

It just seems like yesterday, but it was 13 years ago in Los Angeles when 500,000 people marched to protest federal legislation to make illegal immigration a felony and build more walls along the border.

Two years ago, Los Angeles County approved pay raises for poll workers. The new increase will be $150 for an inspector and $100 for clerks.

In major league baseball even if you hit one over the fence you still will not score unless you get to first base and that means (general speaking) getting a college diploma or a trade. I am hopeful some men and women will take advantage of the free seven months training to get the skills to be a machinist. We all know what they do-set up the machine put on their safety glasses and read the paper while chips are flying. Oh, yes on Friday they get a hernia after they cash their checks.

I sure hope you have your birthday cards ready for the big day; isn’t far off. August 9th Smokey Bear will turn seventy-five (75). Amazing but remember only you can prevent forest fires.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is urging former military service members to consider a state program that helps them become teachers.

According to USA Today at least 54 Confederate monuments have been removed. More than 700 still stands.

Genetically engineered salmon are swimming your way and could be in super markets as early as 2020. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now allowing the fish, whose DNA has been altered to speed up growth. Agua Bounty Technologies may import Aqua Advantage Salmon eggs to its facility near Albany, Indiana where the fish grow faster than traditional Atlantic Salmon.

Would you like to guess which state has the most union members? Most would say New York or California and they would be wrong. According to a federal labor report Hawaii is number one with 139,000 in 2018.

The Ames Tribune in Iowa mentioned recently that in winter roadways can turn hazardous and deadly as such they have a project underway-heating the pavement using new technology.

The Golden Gate Bridge Authority voted on March 22, 2019 to raise the toll on North Bound traffic to $9.75 by 2023.

Many of us listened with interest the Culver City Council meeting of March 28th, 2019 where it was discussed bids for the sewer work at Mesner and Overland. I checked, rechecked and checked again with the street map and I cannot find that location. Perhaps another “red light bandit” will be there and the city doesn’t want anybody to know.

As many of us do every month, we check our credit card statement for phony baloney charges, but because I got my first card in 1966 from Sears and Roebuck and never had a problem. I must have gotten a little complacent. In January and again in April two additional bad charged showed up that according to Bank of America Red Card Visa people the card was swiped and yet I had the card in my hand as I spoke to the bank’s fraud people. We called the bank who immediately returned the money and then drove to the police station where Officer Yabko and Sgt. Zaxbey took the report. The officer was very professional, answered all our questions and took care of business. Thanks Officer Yabko for all you do.

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