Culver City Sales Tax 10.25%...Now Second Highest in State


April 18, 2019

Dear Editor:

In response to the Observer’s article, “Culver City Sales Tax 10.25%...Now Second Highest in State,”(4/11/’19) there is another side to the issue:

On Election Day, November 6, 2018, 71% of the Culver City voters approved Measure C, the Neighborhood Safety and City Services Protection Sales Tax. The tax, equal to one penny on every four dollars of goods and services purchased within the city raises approximately $4,900.000/year toward maintaining the current level of fire, police and paramedic protections as well as maintain after school programs for our children. Senior services and street maintenance also receive this funding.

The money raised by this measure is monitored by a Finance Advisory Committee of City Council members, Culver residents, and representatives of the business community, labor, and the school district. The FAC is charged to report quarterly.

Because the city is growing, funding for these city services needs to grow with the city itself, or the services we rely upon would need to be cut back. The overwhelming support of Culver City’s voters for Measure C suggests that we support the city’s economic growth and are willing to contribute financially to maintaining the excellence of our police, firefighters, and schools.


Bruce Lebedoff Anders

Editor’s Note: The Culver City Observer reported the facts of the new tax. We neither announced support nor opposition to the new tax. The Culver City residents overwhelmingly supported the increase. Residents were lied to when they voted in 2013 for a temporary ¼% increase in the tax which would sunset (expire) in 2023. City hall now hopes to make that tax permanent. It seems inconceivable that in the economic boom Culver City is experiences that tax increases would be need. With in excess of 100 employees making over $100,000 per year it seems to us that some belt tightening is in order and will not result in a reduction of city services.


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