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By Neil Rubenstein
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Who Will the Culver City Democratic Club Endorse for Supervisor?


February 28, 2019

The ladies who ride Metro buses and light rail through Culver City can breathe easier now, since the judge sentenced 27-year-old Ager Linder to 54 months of probation and ordered him to stay away from all forms of public transportation. Ager pleaded no contest to two counts of child molestation, 3 counts of sexual battery and one count of battery on a public transportation passenger. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office said Ageralso groped 8 female passengers between the ages of 15 and 27 between May and August 2018.

My good friend Maria, the wild Gypsy lady, and I were enjoying a hot pot of tea near the on ramp to the 405 freeway. As she looked into her crystal ball, her eyes got bigger and bigger. I see Mark Ridley-Thomas and Herb Wesson wanting to trade seats and the powerful State Senator Holly Mitchell and Jan Perry competing in the primary for L.A. County Supervisor District 2. Mark my words, candidates will ask their supporters to join the Culver City Democratic Club ASAP in hopes of getting the clubs endorsement.

I remember --and I bet you do too--when the California Legislature passed and the Governor signed the bill making it mandatory for all law enforcement agencies to release the names of their employees, unless their names would jeopardize their undercover operation. Cousin Neil submitted a Public Document Request within seven days of the judge’s ruling and began names. It was feared by the police who believed that lives would be in danger–and that didn’t happen. Now, a judge is backing the release of secret police records --and why not?How many innocent people have been killed by bad cops? Bad cops, like bad teachers,should be retired from the public arena indefinitely.

Yes, I believe Culver City officials when they say that they have looked under every stone within a 200-mile radius of Washington Boulevard and Overland Avenue and still cannot locate any ladies with the qualifications to become a firefighter. Readers of this weekly column can easily recall three of my ideas. So,here is another thought: The female fire fighters have a professional organization called 1 (one) Woman. I saw and anybody can see the want ads. So,let’s spring for an ad informing one and all that Culver City is recruiting for our fire department. If city officials making over $175,000 cannot afford an advertisement, please let me know. Just because I am on a fixed income with Social Security and a pension, I can still walk the 405 freeway for aluminum cans.

Ever wonder how you can find out who are our elected federal, state, and local elected leaders are and how to contact them? Go to

Some of us want to know the status of bills in Congress without tipping our hand. Just when you thought the confusion about Columbus Day was gone, up pops another headache. As of now, federal offices--such as mail delivery, federal agencies and courts--are closed on the second Monday in October. However, if Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County change the name to Indigenous Peoples Day, federal offices will be open and the courts will decide if Los Angeles can change the name after congress passes the bill and the president signs it.

Check with your doctor, but Tinnitus,also known as ringing, hissing or roaring in your head or ears, can be caused by aspirin, according to Harvard Health Department.Everyone has their favorite law enforcement story. Some are good, and others aren’t. Last Saturday, after attending the Black Leadership conference at the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum,we hurried to UCLA’s Fowler Hall for a “Meet Harriet Tubman: Gospel Music’s influence on the Evolution of Jazz.”Although it was dark leaving the event, we made our way to the parking structure to retrieve our vehicle. We walked up and down the aisles of the 4-floor subterranean structure and we couldn’t locate our car. That was the situation until Detective Dustin Downey of the University of California Police came to our rescue. He asked us questions regarding our entrance to the campus and the parking structure and the route we took. The detective quickly determined that,although we thought we parked in structure #7, we had actually parked in structure #4. Within a very short time,he had us in the Black and White, found our car and led us back to the Sunset Boulevard exit. Detective Downey is to be commended for his over and beyond commitment to the public and UCLA.

The Black Leadership was so important I would hope the video would be played for all the ladies attending Culver City High School gym classes. Also,maybe superintendent Leslie Lockhart can have a member of the faculty discuss how some of us are trying to get females hired as firefighters. For background,please review my previous articles in this paper,and then you can also wonder why for the past102 years wehave been without a lady fire fighter in Culver City.


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