Rams Pick the Wrong Time To Have an Off Day


February 7, 2019

One game does not define a season but when the game is the Super Bowl it’s like a one game season. Win or lose everyone expects your best and the Rams failed to deliver. Their 13-3 loss to the New England Patriots was a strange game.

The game kept you on the edge of your seat because the score was 3-3 going into the fourth and final quarter but in the end you had to sit back in your seat and try to figure out what just happened.

You can blame the loss on the Rams young coach, 33 year old Sean McVay being out coached by veteran Patriot coach, 66 year old Bill Belichick. You can blame the loss a young Rams quarterback, Jared Goff not being able to make the right plays. You can blame the loss on a Rams offensive line that played well all season but not in the Super Bowl. You can blame the loss on the lack of a running game when you have the best running back in the NFL.

To be truthful it’s all the above reasons why they lost the game but you have to give New England credit, they had a great game plan and they also had the greatest quarterback in NFL history and the best coach in NFL history. The Rams were playing against Michael Jordan and John Wooden.

The Rams came into the game averaging over 30 points per game but the way the Patriots defense played you would have thought you were looking at the 1985 Chicago Bears or the 1960’s and 1970’s Minnesota Vikings defenses.

Time after time you saw linebackers hitting Goff. That means the Rams were out coached. The Culver City newspapers sports photographer, George Laase said a week before the game that the Rams should use a two back offense, meaning the Rams could have showed them something different.

Arm chair quarterbacks can come up with a lot of reasons the Rams lost the game but it’s hard to beat the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick combination, especially in a big game like the Super Bowl. That was their ninth Super Bowl together and they have won six.

Let us not forget what an outstanding season the Rams had. They won 15 games and lost four. They reunited a Los Angeles fan base that had been missing for over 20 years and they are getting ready to move into a four billion dollar stadium next year.

With the Rams and Chargers playing well this season football is back in Los Angeles in a big way, and remember, one game does not define a season, even if it is the Super Bowl.


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