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Finding Female Firefighters for Culver City


February 7, 2019

Well folks, I think I might have gotten the solution to our female firefighter problem. But first, it seems we are getting more and more dangerous forest fires every year. The State of California uses both men and women prisoners to help combat fires on the “line”. Now, if it were up to me, I would send our fire chief to Sacramento and offer jobs to those female prisoners when they get paroled. It’s good for everyone, since the ladies get training behind bars. California gets skilled fire personnel and these ladies get a second chance in life.

Can we please have a 21-gun salute to the residents in Fox Hills, who in the 1960s, showed the rest of the city what power the people have when they band together for a righteous cause? Many of us remember when Sacramento wanted to run the freeway from Marina del Rey eastbound to Yorba Linda. Named the Richard M. Nixon Freeway in the 1970’s; the proposed segment, in the opinion of many, would have messed up Fox Hills and increased the amount of pollutants in the air.

Next, the city wired the location of the cannabis stores so it would seem the locations were predetermined and mostly in Fox Hills. As I recall, a developer plans to tear down the strip mall on Green Valley Circle and Bristol Parkway. The original plan, which was opposed by the Fox Hills community, would have increased the density plus and only have one parking spot per unit. Then, we recall trying to leave Culver City during rush hour after work by Slauson or Centinela, what a chore! As I and others see it these problems need a positive solution.

If Culver City Hall doesn’t appreciate the people in Fox Hills, why don’t they call a special election to allow Fox Hills to secede join Los Angeles’ Ladera Heights? I know darn well Culver City needs every penny for wages, pensions and, you guess right, taxes will be going up.

What are you doing on March 19, 2019? I hope you are planning to join the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center fundraiser honoring Albert Vera, Jr. at the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina del Rey. It will be an evening of fun, good food, silent and live auction with music by the wonderful Ronnie Jayne. RSVP by February 26. Any questions, please contact Sarah Carpenter (310) 837-3734.

With the new year comes new traffic rules and fines. Here is what happens if you get pulled over in 2019:

1. Uninsured car in accident: driver’s license revoked for four years plus a $796 fine;

2. Did not stop at a red light or turning right -- $533;

3. Did not completely stop at a stop sign -- $284;

4. Driving with headphones or ear buds on -- $178;

5. Talking on a cell phone first time $76, second time -- $190;

6. Not wearing a seat belt -- $160;

7. Child not wearing a seat belt or not in child seat -- $436;

8. Driving with high beam lights -- $382;

9. Forgot to bring driver’s license -- $214;

10. Forgot to change the address after 10 plus days -- $214;

11. Crossing double yellow line -- $425;

12. Violation of the turn or turnaround -- $284;

13. Speeding 1-15 miles $224; 16-25 miles -- $338;

14. Pass the flashing light of school bus -- $675;

15. Stopping at the bus stop -- $976,

Years ago, when I was a Los Angeles County Commissioner, I met Rigoberto Reyes, a great guy who lives in our town and was a member of the Department of Consumer Affairs. Mr. Reyes was recently appointed Acting Executive Director Office Immigrant Affairs. He is doing a super-duper job.

On January 1, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law allowing citizens to ask for public documents as they relate to monetary awards. Now, I don’t know the reasons, but I soon will ask for 2014 through 2018 payment documents from our Police Department.

List below is from a previous request from 2010-2012.

1. Erazo, Joel $95,000 2010

2. Keyes, Dimitri $125,000 2010

3. Espinoza, Maria $230,000 2010

4. Schram, Susan $295,000 2010

5. Thompson, Gracie $87,500 2011

6. Davis, Damien $50,000 2012

7. Waters, Michael $130,000 2012

Finally, scientists in a collaborative Israeli-German research project say they have unlocked the secret of how melanoma spreads and they are now able to point the way toward prevention of the killer disease. Melanoma is the most aggressive and lethal type of skin cancer, causing the death of one person every 52 minutes, and scientists warn global warming is likely to increase the number of cases.


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