By Neil Rubenstein
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Red Light Cameras Worse than Speed Traps in the South

Time For Women Firefighters at CCFD?


November 22, 2018

Did you realize Culver City ladies have a better chance if winning the Lottery than being a member of the Fire Department. Women have always been discriminated against with wages and benefits as compared to their male colleagues. Now a days our daughters can go to the military academies, serve on submarines and handle combat situations, but how does the power structure continue to by-pass females? The City Council could do some research and will find what former Mayor Richard “Alex” Alexander told me years ago, he said our city has never ever had even one lady firefighter. Jane Doe might pass the written test with an astronomical score but her “orals” are rated so poor, she has no chance. Now, so many have heard about Culver City they don’t even apply-why waste their time? Many of you will remember I started approximately ten years ago as a Los Angeles County Commissioner to change the system and as a first step I would like the Civil Service Commission to have a separate classification for paramedics. I predict some woman will sue Culver City for discrimination in a federal court downtown L.A. and win big bucks.

The Los Angeles Times notes in 1916, Republican Jennette Rankin of Montana became the first women elected to Congress.

U.S.A Today recently reported Canada became the second and largest nation to legalize marijuana on October 17, 2018. The country’s legal marijuana system requires cannabis be grown indoors by licensed providers, so Emerald Health Therapeutics of British Columbia partnered with a long time produce operation, Village Farms, in a joint venture called Pure Sunfarms capable of producing a whopping 82 tons of marijuana annually from the million square foot greenhouse complex about 30 minutes south of Vancouver.

While in Virginia and not that long ago a fundraiser was trying to equip deputies with something new to use in traumatic situations: A stuffed animal they can give away to comfort children in stressful situations was agreed upon. USA Today.

Gee whiz it isn’t 2019, but some are thinking about a summer vacation. Perhaps the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas or the Soldiers’ Memorial in downtown St. Louis might be of interest.

If mother was still with us, she would wash my mouth with Lava soap for what I am thinking. The National Motorists Association Blog mentioned six cities that were caught shortening yellow light times to give more red-light camera tickets.

1. Chattanooga, TN

2. Dallas, TX

3. Springfield, MO

4. Lubbock, TX

5. Nashville, TN

6. Union City, CA

It’s been a year since the Wall Street Journal reported an undersea-search team located the wreck of an Australian submarine that disappeared without a trace off the coast of New Guinea in the opening weeks of World War 1. The remains of the AE1-the first allied submarine lost in the conflict – were found near the town of Rabaul in about 1,000 feet of water. The boat was part of a naval task force sent to capture the then colony of German New Guinea on September 13, 1914.

Has anyone thought recently about getting a grant to re-do the basement of the Julian Dixon County Library? Many will recall the Friends of the Library had it in Governor Gray Davis’ budget for a million plus and then we were blue penciled. Herb Wesson really moved mountains as our Assemblymember to get us a fat check. Pam Robinson of Parks and Rec thought adding meeting rooms to the 15,000 square feet available would be a benefit to the city and its’ residents.

Perhaps the Historical Society could do something with Camp Latham – a Civil War Union Army Encampment near the corner of Overland and Virginia. I just bet a model maker could with the plans make a reproduction.


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