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Coyote Attacks Three Year Old

Placentia Police shoot and Kill Animal


November 22, 2018

A coyote attacked and bit a attacked a three year old child playing in a park in Placentia. The child was bitten in the head. Placentia police officers shot and killed the coyote after locating it.

The attack is a warning to Culver City residents and neighboring communities to be vigilant as coyotes move into residential areas.

In Carlson Park over 50 small animals have been killed or disappeared as the result of coyote attacks. Similar reports are coming in for neighboring communities in Culver City.

The Culver City Police Department has adopted an aggressive plan to deal with the animals. CCPD has been asking for volunteers to join its Wildlife Watch Program.

The Mission of Wildlife Watch is to establish a comprehensive, integrated management strategy for minimizing human-wildlife conflicts and improving the quality of life in urban settings. The approach applies conservation and ecological principles, agency and community leadership coaching and respect for wildlife and one another.

Wildlife Watch is a multi-agency partnership program that provides support and training to local governments and community groups to help them design and implement their own nuisance wildlife action plans.

Several community meetings have been held over the summer.

Officers found the animal in a nearby neighborhood, attempting to bite a resident.

Officers shot and killed the coyote.


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