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Vote 'Yes' on Measure K Tax Hike


October 11, 2018

I am writing in support of the parcel tax being voted on Nov. 6.

Known as Measure K, it will add $189 to each property owner’s tax bill for each of the next seven years.

Five years ago, our Culver City Unified School District agreed to ensure that teaching staff salaries would be at the median level in Los Angeles County to both recruit and retain the best teachers available.

Subsequently, the legislators in Sacramento passed a bill requiring school districts to contribute more for all staff pensions. This requirement forced the Culver district’s contributions to increase every year.

In order to meet this demand, our local School District has been forced to dip into its reserve fund until reaching a long-term solution

Measure K will allow the district to meet its budgetary demands without depleting the reserve funds. But if Prop. K does not pass, significant cuts will have to be made to balance the budget.

I hope that you will support our excellent School District in November and vote “Yes” on Measure K so that we can protect our great programs.

The parcel tax is about 52 cents a day, which is a small price to pay for our excellent school system.

Marv Brown

Principal, Culver City High School (ret.)


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