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2018 NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

Rams Still #1 - Chargers Move Up to #5


October 4, 2018

Jevone Moore

Running back Todd Gurley leads Rams with 7 touchdowns this season

2018 NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

1. Los Angeles Rams (5-0) - The Rams have a three-game lead over the Seahawks and a four-game lead over both the Cardinals and the 49ers. Is it too early to start printing up playoff tickets? Next: at Denver Broncos - Sun, Oct. 14

2. Kansas City Chiefs (5-0) - Patrick Mahomes finally had an off game, but fortunately for the Chiefs, the quarterback they were facing was Blake Bortles. Mahomes will face a huge challenge Sunday Night at New England.. Next: at New England Patriots - Sun, Oct. 14

3. New Orleans Saints (4-1) - Drew Brees set the record Monday Night as the NFL's all-time leader in yards passing. He is the only NFL starting quarterback without an interception and has thrown 11 passes for touchdowns. Next: at Baltimore Ravens – Sun, Oct. 21

4. New England Patriots (3-2) - The Pats have survived the first quarter of the season. Julian Edelman will be back this week and with Josh Gordon, that should open the offense up for Tom Brady. Next: vs Kansas City Chiefs - Sun, Oct. 14

5. Los Angeles Chargers (3-2) - The Chargers are balanced on offense and defensively they are getting back Corey Liuget. If they can ever get both Joey Bosa and Derwin James on the field at the same time they could be a top 5 defense. Next: at Cleveland Browns - Sun, Oct. 14

6. Chicago Bears (4-1) - The Bears lead the NFL in defense against the run and sacks per game. Thanks to Khalil Mack and Jon Gruden, the Bear defense is going to take the team to the playoffs. Next: at Miami Dolphins - Sun, Oct. 14

7. Carolina Panthers (3-1) - Ch For the second time in NFL history, a football game was won on a 63-yard field goal with no time left. Rarely do kickers really win the game, but in this case, Graham Gano saved the day for the Panthers. Next: at Wasington Redskins - Sun, Oct. 14

8. Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) - The Bengals somehow trailed the Miami Dolphins 17-0 in the 3rd quarter of last week's game, but the defense came through for a 27-17 come-from-behind win in the fourth quarter to steal a win at home. Next: vs Pittsburgh Steelers - Sun, Oct. 14

9. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) - The Ravens have the #1 scoring defense in the NFL and are #3 in defensive yardage per game. The defense is good enough to keep the Ravens in the playoff hunt. Next: at Tennessee Titans - Sun, Oct. 14

10. Minnesota Vikings (2-2-1) - The Vikings used a defensive touchdown and the passing of Kirk Cousins to upset the Eagles in Philadelphia. The win broke a two-game losing streak and may be a catalyst for the rest of the season. Next: vs Arizona Cardinals - Sun, Oct. 14

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) - The inconsistent play of Blake Bortles could keep the Jags from reaching their goal of a Super Bowl. Bortles comically bad pass off his lineman's helmet for an interception illustrates the problem. Next: Dallas Cowboys - Sun, Oct. 14

12. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) - Running back Jay Ajayi is out for the season with an ACL injury. The Eagles are in desperate need of a quality running back and the play of the secondary has been subpar. May be waking up as they dominated Giants on Thursday Night, 34-13. Next: vs Carolina Panthers - Sun, Oct. 21

13. Green Bay Packers (2-2-1) - Aaron Rodgers will be 35 in December and is playing on a bad knee, but you couldn't tell from his play on the field. As long as Rodgers is upright the Packers should make the playoffs. Next: vs San Francisco 49ers - Mon, Oct. 15

14. Cleveland Browns (2-2-1) - The Browns could be 5-0. Three of their five games have gone into overtime, the other two were decided late in the fourth quarter. All five of the Browns games were decided by four points or less. Next: vs Los Angeles Chargers - Sun, Oct. 14

15. Washington Redskins (3-2) - The Redskins joined the celebration on Monday Night in New Orleans to celebrate Brees breaking the passing yardage record. For most of the game they seemed like star-struck spectators. Next: vs Carolina Panthers - Sun, Oct. 14

16. Tennessee Titans (4-1) - The Titans continue to win ugly, grinding their way to three straight wins each by three points. While their winning close games in the 4th quarter has been impressive, is this a playoff team? Next: vs Baltimore Ravens - Sun, Oct. 14

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2-1) - Running back Le'Veon Bell has decided to report during the bye week to end his holdout. The question is, do the Steelers want him? The Steelers have reportedly been shopping Bell to various NFL teams. Next: at Cincinnati - Sun, Oct. 14

18. Dallas Cowboys (2-3) - The Cowboys wide receivers keep claiming that they are open, which implies that the passing game issues are not their fault. All signs point to quarterback Dak Prescott and the offensive coordinator. Next: vs Jacksonville Jaguars - Sun, Oct. 14

19. Houston Texans (2-3) - J.J. Watt and brother T.J Watt of the Steelers are tied for the NF lead in sacks with six. Sacks are a dirty word to Deshaun Watson. He will not survive the season if he continues to take hits from the defense. Next: vs Buffalo Bills - Sun, Oct. 14

20. Seattle Seahawks (2-3) - The Seahawks continue to deploy a running back by committee on offense, which any fantasy owner will say is irritating. It is also not helping them to win football games. Next: at Oakland Raiders (London) - Sun, Oct. 14

21. Miami Dolphins (3-2) - The Dolphins are the worst 3-2 team in the NFL. The Dolphins gave up three fourth quarter touchdowns, with two touchdowns from the Bengal defense. The quarterback play is inconsistent. Next: vs Chicago Bears - Sun, Oct. 14

22. Detroit Lions (2-3) - The Lions have looked better the past three weeks after their train wreck opening game. Matt Stafford still has the burden of carrying a mediocre roster but the team is at least competitive. Next: at Miami Dolphins - Sun, Oct. 21

23. New York Jets (2-3) - The Jets rans for 323 yards in the impressive win over the Broncos to move to 2-3. The victory ended a three-game losing streak. If the Jets can run the ball that well, there may be hope for their season. Next: vs Indianapolis Colts - Sun, Oct. 14

24. Denver Broncos (2-3) - Case Keenum threw 51 passes and the Broncos ran 17 times against the Jets. Keenum and the Broncos are never going to have any success throwing the ball 75% of the time. They need to run the ball. Next: vs Los Angeles Rams - Sun, Oct. 14

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2) - The Bucs are coming off a bye and looking forward to the first start of the season for quarterback Jameis Winston. But their problem is not at quarterback, it is on defense and Winston cannot help there. Next: at Atlanta Falcons - Sun, Oct. 14

26. Buffalo Bills 2-3) - The Bills finally decided to give the ball to their six-time pro bowl running back and he led the Bills to their second win. LeSean McCoy had 108 yards in total offense. The Bill had 223 yards for the game. Next: at Houston Texans - Sun, Oct. 14

27. Indianapolis Colts (1-4) - The Colts resemble a MASH unit. In Thursday Night's loss to the Pats, they were putting players on the active list that had no chance of playing. Then they lose more players during the game. Next: at New York Jets - Sun, Oct. 14

28. Oakland Raiders (1-4) - The Raiders have the #6 offense in the NFL in yardage but can't consistently finish drives. Derek Carr leads the NFL in interceptions with eight and until he stops committing turnovers, the team will struggle. Next: vs Seattle Seahawks (London) - Sun, Oct. 14

29. Arizona Cardinals (1-4) - The Cardinals became the last team in the NFL to win a regular season game in 2018. Josh Rosen threw an early 75-yard touchdown bomb to Christian Kirk and let everyone know that a new sheriff is in town. Next: at Minnesota Vikings - Sun, Oct. 14

Jevone Moore

Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams is averaging 16.6 yards per catch in 2018

30. San Francisco 49ers (1-4) - Injuries have destroyed the 49ers season. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan is in for a very long season. Backup quarterback CJ Beathard has played well, all things considered, but this team needs draft help. Next: at Green Bay Packers - Mon, Oct. 15

31. Atlanta Falcons (1-4) - The Falcons have too much talent to be ranked last, but they have also allowed the most points in the NFL, so maybe it is deserved. Julio Jones has gone 10 straight regular season games without a receiving touchdown. Think about that. Next: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sun, Oct. 14

32. New York Giants (1-5) - The Giants have Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham, yet they continue to struggle on offense and appear dysfunctional. The offensive line is clearly a problem, but another losing season could the last season for Eli Manning. Next: at Atlanta Falcons - Mon, Oct. 22


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