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Killer Coyotes


August 9, 2018

I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been more news coverage, or seemingly any follow-up, to the coyote issue facing various Culver City neighborhoods.

There are many community members who still have no idea what has been happening since May in our neighborhood. A dedicated and growing group of people in the Carlson Park/Culver Parks East area has maintained a daily dialogue with each other, asking about missing animals and mourning over each new discovery of a beloved pet found half-eaten.

Flyers have been posted, meetings have been organized, reports have been made to the local Animal Services Officer and Culver City Police.

No actual action has taken place. In the meantime, the confirmed count of killed pets [mostly cats] now exceeds 30 animals! Video has been recorded of coyotes hunting in pairs on our streets. Individual sightings of lone coyotes continue to be reported, and they are now entering back yards.

Those of us who are aware know that the carnage is not anywhere close to ending, The coyotes will just migrate to the next adjacent neighborhood. It’s been determined that Ballona Creek is essentially a freeway for the animals to access our residential streets through compromised fencing, which needs to be repaired.

It’s evident that the coyotes are seeking water, and their food source has been severely depleted in the hillside areas: There aren’t enough mice, squirrels, rabbits, or feral colonies remaining.

The City needs to reach out and ensure all residents are aware of what is happening and come up with an immediate course of action. This needs to happen now.

I’m volunteering to do everything I can possibly do to resolve this issue. I know that there are many of my neighbors who feel the same way.

We need help. Please write and call all of the City Council members, and let them know that our health, safety and quality of life is at risk.

Condolences to all of my neighbors who have lost their cherished pets.

Susan Tillerson

Culver City


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