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By Neil Rubenstein
Observer Columnist 

CCUSD Deficit: $9 Million and Growing


Over five years, from 2011-2012 to 2015-2016, the Culver City Unified School District deficit spent $9 million more than it received in funding. If that wasn’t fiscally scary enough—hold on to your hat, Cousin Clem—in the past two years, the School Board has deficit-spent more than $9.1 million.

And now, the District wants local taxpayers/homeowners to pass a new parcel tax to bail them out for their past years of deficit-addicted spending indiscretions.

Does it really make sense for us to pass out more money to those same elected board members who, for the last seven years, have spent our community into this precarious position?

Do you know that in 1941, Lena Horne launched her memorable singing career by recording “St. Louis Blues” at age 23? She continued performing for more than five decades.

In 1949, only a dozen women were included in Harvard Medical School’s first co-educational graduating class. Today, more than half of the students are women.

Good news: Caltrans wants to widen Lincoln Boulevard from Jefferson to Fuji Way in Marina del Rey. I can hardly wait, because at that location traffic is so bad, it’s a zoo on wheels.

Anyone who pretends there is NO risk of a catastrophic earthquake from well stimulation (which includes fracking) in Culver City is either ignorant or a liar. Any Culver City official who thinks there are no carcinogenic toxins floating in our air has not read the EIR or has a vested interest in keeping this a secret.

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