Sony Pictures Entertainment Honors CCUSD Teacher of the Year Debby Ishii

For the past 20 years Sony Pictures Entertainment has awarded the CCUSD Teacher of the Year winner with a donation of $1,000 to further their inspiring work in the classroom.

Debby Ishii, the 2018 Culver City Teacher of the Year winner, received her donation June 11 at an award ceremony at La Ballona Elementary School. And it was $2500.

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of their sponsorship, Sony had announced that this year's award would be increased to $2,500. In addition, all the winners from the last 20 years were invited in May to CCEF's Tribute to the Stars gala fundraising event as guests of Sony.

During the gala, CCEF thanked Sony Pictures Entertainment for their long-standing commitment to CCUSD schools and students.

Following is the list of the Teacher of the Year winners for the past 20 years:

2018 Debby Ishii

2017 Amelia Harr

2016 Tony Spano

2015 Kelley Roberts

2014 Jerod Dien

2013 Marshanne Kendrick Love

2012 Kari Fretham

2011 Karen Burkenheim

2010 Patty Eskridge

2009 Nan Borcherding

2008 Darla Pulliam

2007 Estelle Langholz

2006 Alice Horiba

2005 Kristine Hatanaka

2004 Claudette DuBois

2003 Erin Dodds

2002 Pat Davies

2001 Carlos Valverde

2000 Joe Nazzaretta

1999 Jerry Chabola


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