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By Colette Presant
Kids Scoop Media 

Kids Visit to Melania at White House

A Girl's View


My name is Colette and I am 10 years old. I am reporting for Kid Scoop Media. I flew to Washington D.C. to go to the White House to attend 'BE BEST' a campaign to address the major issues facing children today created by First Lady Melania Trump.

Mrs. Trump's goal is for children to 'BE BEST' in their own life. Walking into the White House was an amazing experience. First, we had to walk up to a big black gate and tell the security guards who we are and then we waited. Finally, after a lot of checking and questions and more checking and more questions, we walked into the White House. On the way in, we passed gardens, the White House kitchen and a really long hallway that was filled with flowers, paintings, art and a bright, very pretty, red carpet. Next, we went into the White House Press Room and saw so many T.V. reporters! Some of them were from Fox News, CNN and all of the television networks. I recognized the reporters from television, but I didn't know their names. The Press Room turned out to be very small (it looks a lot bigger on the news). There was a large stage and most of the female reporters were wearing really brightly colored dresses, bright pink, turquoise and bright yellow. I learned that once they are on television, the colors don't look as bright. Also, their makeup, which looks really weird and heavy, almost like for Halloween, looks normal once they are on tv. And boy reporters wear makeup, too. I interviewed the reporter, Katie Pavlich, who seemed pretty smart and was very pretty. She was not wearing the weird Halloween makeup like some of the other reporters. She just looked pretty in a normal way. I asked Ms. Pavlich about what was the favorite part about her job. She said that she has no favorite part of being a reporter because she loves so much about her job and that the whole day is neat! Maybe I should be a reporter so that my whole day is fun, like my birthday or when it's an ice cream sundae day at school.

The First Lady's party was in the Kennedy Rose garden and so I asked Ms. Pavlich about her favorite flower and she said that she really likes hydrangeas and peonies, too. That concludes my interview with Ms. Pavlich. When my brother and I were in the rose garden at the White House we also interviewed Margaret Hostetter. She was very smart and kind. She said that she is a doctor and that her favorite part about being a pediatrician is talking to children. I asked Dr. Hostetter about her favorite flower and she said peonies, also. I guess peonies are really beautiful! Maybe I should grow some in our garden. At the end of the White House rose garden party, we had cookies. That were really good!

My mom says that one day I'll understand better that going to the White House is an honor. I do understand and is why I was on my best behavior. I did not get in one argument with my brother. Even when he took an extra cookie from the platter and did not share with me.

I hope one day I can go back to the White House rose garden and see the kitchen, too. The White House is really neat and Mrs. Trump is very pretty. And, I got to see the President of the United States! How cool is that? Mrs. Trump does a lot of good things for children. She has a pretty voice and she talked about wanting to make the world better for kids. I like the White House a lot...when you're there you don't have to go to school, which makes being a reporter super fun!! The last thing I was thinking about when we were on the plane going home is that I don't understand why grownups fight about the political stuff all the time. I think we have a great country. We are all Americans and should be on our best behavior and use good manners. We should not say mean things just because we don't agree with each other. I have three brothers and I don't agree with them but we don't say mean things. Well, mostly we don't say mean things. Grownups should try to be as good as kids. They should use their White House 'be best' manners with each other. And, they should eat cookies. Even, for breakfast!


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