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Reader Says No to Recall


To the Editor:

Re: Outrage Continues; Residents Exploring Recall, May 10, 2018

My immediate reaction to Alex Fisch and Daniel Lee winning the two available council seats was to wonder if Meghan Sahli-Wells would have a coronation ceremony. Well, she did and now voters are “outraged”? Elections have consequences. (For the record, back in November 2010 I wrote a letter to the editor stating why I hoped Ms. Sahli-Wells would never be elected to the city council.) “Lying Daniel Lee” won fair and square as did Alex Fisch. The citizens of Culver City deserve what they voted for. I did not support either one and am shaking my head over those that say “I voted for both Fisch and Lee, but I would never do it again.” My question is “What the heck did you expect?” For these reasons, I will not support a recall election.

Kathleen O’Neal

Culver City


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