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Bassilian Blasts Demagoguery in Council Election


Dear Editor,

The leftists of Culver City have been hailing the Fisch/Lee victory as a defeat of a privileged old guard. So yes, let's talk about privilege.

Let's talk about how Fisch used his privileged connections to Xavier Becerra and Kamala Harris to get high powered state Democrats to meddle in our election.

Let's talk about how Daniel Lee has full time employment from a foundation to do nothing more than bait cops and create AstroTurf social media groups to build his name and career.

Meanwhile Vera and Tiggs had to run their campaigns while running their own businesses. That's privilege for you!

Let's talk about how Meghan Sahli Wells inherited her home in privileged downtown Culver City, while the rest of us grapple with rents and mortgages. Like so many of her friends she has nothing better to do than find things to complain about. Trivial complaints abound these days, like a news van leaving their plastic cup in the wrong place while following a major police chase through Culver City.

Notice when they talk about "Residents' Opposition" to things like drones, they don’t say WHICH residents, or HOW MANY residents. Because the only opposition is generally the same twelve toxic privileged leftists who are loudly trying to dominate Culver City politics. They're complaining that it's THEIR PRIVILEGE to tell the rest of us in Culver City how to behave.

And now our city is replete with professional leftists and politicians who are going to step on our city and its budget to virtue signal their way into higher careers. What businesspeople will now be on the Culver City Council, other than Goran Eriksson? What will our new city council have in common with any practical concerns of the city? What will happen as we start going into deficit spending?

But we can take the long view on this, and show residents how they were scammed in this election. We don't need to address the Council, we need to address our neighbors --- the deranged and hoodwinked ones who thought this election was about Trump or guns. We need to point out, over the coming years as this Council drives this City into debt and asks for new taxes or regulations, that this would never have happened under a Tiggs/Vera administration.

The people voted for demagoguery over responsibility.

Ron Bassilian

Culver City


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