Remembering Our Warriors National-Vietnam War Veterans Day Created

As you recall, it was mentioned in this column last year President Trump signed legislation creating March 29th as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. In recognition the Exchange (PX) offered lapel pins and continuing their policy of low prices, no sales tax and free shipping (purchase over $49). To get your latest military benefit and your Military Star Card visit or customer service (1-800-527-2345).

Tom Shull Army & Air Force Exchange Service Director/CEO

Current and Former Warfighters, on March 29, National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Exchanges around the world will honor Vietnam-era Veterans with free commemorative lapel pins marking the war’s 50th anniversary. The Exchange is privileged to partner with the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration to offer this token of our Nation’s appreciation to those who served during this time.

As a Vietnam-era Veteran, this remembrance is close to my heart. The American pubic shortly after the war did not understand the sacrifices these great Americans made. These Warfighters were treated much differently from those who came before or after them. When my father returned from World War 11, his hometown of Broadwater, Nebraska, gave him a hero’s welcome. Few who served during Vietnam received a similar homecoming. We are privileged to now; have the opportunity, to properly recognize the service of our Vietnam Veterans.

Understanding the obligation to remember the selfless sacrifice of the great Americans who raised their right hand, took the oath and made a difference compelled the Exchange to secure a lifelong online military exchange shopping benefit for all honorably discharged Veterans just last year. The Exchange team extends its sincere appreciation to all who have served. Your battles were not fought in vain, and your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

The Exchange is honored to recognize your service with a commemorative lapel pin on March 29. For details, please contact your nearest Exchange. A list of participating Exchanges can be found by visiting (http://www.vietnamwar50thcom/partners/partner_map) to find a Commemorative Partner in your area.

It is our privilege to do our modest part to give these brave warriors the thanks their service truly deserves.

For the first time in Marine Corps history female Marines in March 2018 checked into the Marine Combat Training Battalion at Camp Pendleton, California.

I just know there is a bunch of people who read the Culver City Observer and enjoy bottles of craft beer. Well, neighbor Cousin Neil has the perfect solution, “Buy a brewery in Austin, Texas – Now this place has room for 10,000 bottles – need I say more. (

John F. Kennedy’s life and Times is a photographic salute to the 35th U.S. President at the Bowers Museum 2002 north Main Street, Santa Ana and ends on June 3, 2018 (714) 567-3600.

Ray Charles could easily see the California bullet train would flop. As you recall when Sacramento needed a bail out President Clinton or Obama would visit and pull a check book out and take care of business. I can just envision President trump sending us a foot locker of neatly packaged $3 bills. No help from the Trumpster – needless to say-any mail from the nation’s capital won’t even have a postage stamp on the envelope at least in the opinion of many.

As a veteran are you interested in attending free parties, bingo, free produce, dances etc? Please call Voluntary Service at the West Los Angeles Regional Medical Center at Wilshire and the 405 Freeway, call (310) 268-4350 for all future events.

I was so surprised when I head the United States Army is planning to bring back from the Vietnam War “Tunnel Rats”. The Army is training soldiers in tunnel warfare; in an effort, to be ready to fight in North Korea. North Korea has thousands of tunnels and underground bunkers capable of moving large formations of troops heavy artillery and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Brigades from the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions will take part in tunnel training this year.

Mother Jones Magazine says, since 1982 in the United States there have been 100 mass shooting. 97 percent of mass shooters have been male. 57 percent of mass shooters have been white and male. 69 percent of guns used by shooters used weapons purchased legally. The number of people killed by mass shooters since 1982 was 816. Estimated number of people injured by mass shooters since 1982 was 1,275.

April 17th is the deadline to file your 2017 federal tax return or request an extension until October 15, 2018.

Dr. Mazar an Archaeologist whose digs in Jerusalem has uncovered many discoveries from the First and Second Temple period, including King David’s palace, Solomon’s wall, Nehemiah’s wall with numerous artifacts and gold coins. Recently, it appears Dr. Mazar found yet another staggering biblical artifact, a clay seal bearing the name of the Prophet Isaiah.

Do you realize both Russia and China are developing weaponry that can destroy vital American satellites according to a new report by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff Intelligence Directorate? The Washington Free Beacon quoted officials familiar with the report on January 30, 2018 as saying, “China and Russia will be capable of severely disrupting or destroying U.S. satellites in low earth orbit by 2020.

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