Lee Headed Towards Victory

With almost 1600 provisional and Vote-by-mail ballots to be counted the second seat on the city council appeared to be up in the air.

The second round of counting was held on Monday April 16 and Daniel Lee widened his lead over Albert Vera. Lee initially finished 170 votes ahead of Vera on election night. After the second count Lee increased his to 212 votes, capturing.

The current unofficial vote count stands as follows:

Alex Fisch 3,819

Daniel Lee 3,335

Albert Vera 3,123

Marcus Tiggs 2,189

Final counting of the ballots which required signature verification by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder will take place at city hall on Friday.

Registered voters turned out in greater number than in recent council election with 26.79% of registered voters going to the polls.


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