Rep. Pelosi Through a Kids Eyes

President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the “TrumpTax,” has been the topic of controversy since its signing on December 22. The TrumpTax caps state and local tax deductions at $10,000, on top of cutting corporate taxes and eliminating most itemized deductions. In a state like California, where the average state and local deduction is $17,000, taxpayers are likely to see a large increase in taxes—not the reduction they were promised.

On Wednesday, April 4th, Culver City’s Veterans Auditorium flooded with media and politically minded citizens, all eager to catch glimpse of the assembled anti-TrumpTax panel.

Leading the panel was Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a fervent opponent to the supposed tax cuts. This panel is a part of her 100-day Town Hall tour discussing the TrumpTax throughout America. Joining Pelosi in Culver City were Donna Norton of MomsRising, USC law professor Ed Kleinbard, US Representative Nanette Barragán (D-CA 44th District), and US Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA 33rd District).

The ensuing verbal smack down of President Trump’s tax cuts focused on the worsening deficit, as well as the Tax’s eventual implications for average Americans.

Professor Kleinbard set the stage for argument, determining that, in conjunction with the new appropriations bill, the TrumpTax will only exacerbate the nation’s growing deficit. This out-of-control deficit “forces” Republicans to cut entitlement programs—something Kleinbard argues has been their occult goal all along. Tax cuts are a means to a larger agenda, one that Kleinbard says will “asphyxiate the middle class.”

The eventual loss of healthcare programs is a harsh blow to average Americans. Pelosi focused on the disproportionate effect this would have on children, who make up the majority of enrolled Medicaid recipients. In a display of pathos-centered rhetoric, Pelosi reiterated the inevitable destruction of America’s future if it continues to wreak havoc on children.

Congress members Barragán and Lieu echoed the panel’s disapproval of the tax plan, remarking on resulting income inequality and unjust giveaways to corporations, respectively.

Amid the slashing of the plan from all angles, one message remained clear: citizens need to act. The panel stood in adamant support of flipping the House for Democrats come November’s elections.

In the words of Nancy Pelosi, “don’t agonize, organize.”


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