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Clippers Hope for a Miracle, Lakers Look To Be The Spoiler


Jevone Moore

Clippers Hope for a Miracle, Lakers Look To Be The Spoiler

The NBA season for the Clippers and Lakers is about to end unless the Clippers can pull off a miracle. The NBA playoffs consist of 16 teams from two different conferences. Eight teams from the west and eight teams from the east will square off in the next few months to see who we be the 2017-18 NBA Champions.

The Lakers have already been eliminated from the playoffs so it's up to the Clippers to try and have at least one NBA team in the post season. In order to accomplish that achievement they have to win the rest of their remaining four games against teams that are fighting for a playoff spot.

Today the Clippers face sixth place Utah on the road at 6 p.m. , on Saturday they battle ninth place Denver and Monday the play eight place New Orleans. They finish the regular season against their roommates, the Lakers on Wednesday, April 11. The good part is they play all of their remaining games at home except for their game tonight.

Can the Clippers make it to the playoffs? In sports anything is possible but they are going to need some help from their NBA friends. This is one of the tightest races in Western conferences history and the Clippers have kept their heads above water since the beginning of the year. First, Chris Paul left last summer. Then they traded away Blake Griffin and they are still in the playoff hunt.

The Lakers are just trying to continue their improvement and maybe knock off some good teams and end the season on a high note. They also have four games remaining against playoff teams. They will face Minnesota on Friday, Utah on Sunday and first place Houston on Tuesday. The last game of the season is against the Clippers on Wednesday and they will be the visiting team.


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