Tiggs Will Bring Discipline to City Council

Dear Editor,

I will be voting for Marcus Tiggs next week. Tiggs has the experience and wisdom in Culver City to say no, to not just be all things to all people.

You want transitional housing or pot dispensaries? Great - just whose backyard are we going to put them in?

Affordable housing? Sure, we all want that. But in a small city in a metropolis where millions of people are looking for a place and billions (trillions?) of investment dollars are coming in, bidding for property, just what are we going to accomplish? What part of the budget are you willing to spend, whose toes are you going to step on? How many people are going to actually be able to take advantage of any programs we come up with?

Sanctuary city? Okay, we're pro-immigrant, we welcome all newcomers with open arms. But we don't want to increase density, we don't want more traffic. Which is it going to be?

I see all the other candidates bending over backward to say yes to all the current fashionable causes. Marcus is the one guy who sees the whole picture, and realizes for everything we want, someone is going to have to pay, someone is going to lose out. Not just in theory. He will point out the full picture in any situation.

That's the kind of discipline we need in a city council.

Ron Bassilian

Culver City


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