Tiggs backed by Former Mayor Jozelle Smith

Dear Editor,

It’s been a pleasure serving on Marcus Tiggs’ City Council Campaign’s “Kitchen Cabinet” in the months leading up to our April 10 election. Why? Because the Tiggs team is comprised of both liberals and conservatives who can actually sit around a table and work together cooperatively, sharing their ideas and goals for the City without resorting to rancor, but united by an appreciation for Marcus’ background, abilities, philosophy, and plans for a positive future for Culver City residents.

That’s why I’m urging my fellow Culcitizens to read Marcus’ materials, contact him with any questions, and join me in voting for Marcus Tiggs for City Council on April 10.

Jozelle Smith

Culver City Councilmember, 1986-94; Mayor, 1989-90


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