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Former Mayor Marcus Supports Tiggs


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Marcus Tiggs for Culver City Council.

I write as someone who has worked in Culver City for over 35 years and who has owned a home here for just about 30 years. I have volunteered countless hours contributing to this City I love, ultimately serving as your Councilperson and Mayor.

I have known for some time, having realized the first time I set foot in Culver City, that this City is worth every effort we can make to have it be the best place it could possibly be to live, work, own a home, own a business and raise a family.

And along the way, I have seen, met and worked with outstanding individuals who not only shared that vision, but worked hard to maintain it.

Marcus Tiggs is very much that type of individual.

Over the years, I can say that I didn't often agree with those people I was fortunate enough to work with and serve with, but we agreed on one thing at least and that was the importance of the quality of life we all enjoyed in Culver City and the value of hard work, collaborative thinking, careful analysis and teamwork to reach the common goal of insuring our City's success.

Marcus Tiggs not only realizes this, he lives it as well having demonstrated this in his public and private life.

As he has often stated (and I paraphrase), "We may not agree on 100% of the issues, but we agree on at least 80%. Let's work on the 80% we have in common and deal with the other 20% when we have the luxury of time to debate it".

Marcus Tiggs is a Leader who listens, a Planner who takes action, a Worker who produces positive tangible results and a Person who serves in the best interests of the City he loves.

I am voting on Tuesday for Marcus Tiggs and have given him my highest recommendation and endorsement.

I invite you to do the same and vote for him as well.

Thank you for your support, for your consideration and for your vote for Marcus Tiggs.

Richard Marcus

Editors Note:

Richard Marcus is a former Culver City Mayor and City Councilman


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