Councilmember Eriksson Backs Vera

Dear Editor,

I hope you will join me in voting for Albert Vera for Culver City Council on April 10. Albert will be a valuable voice on the city council.

I have long been impressed by Albert's deep knowledge of our city and his vision to protect the character of our neighborhoods while we move our city into the 21stt Century. I have also found that Albert is practical and results-oriented with a focus on what is best for Culver City – very important and valuable now that national politics are seeping more and more into city politics.

If you, like me, want our City Council to use city departments and resources wisely, to focus on making Culver City the best it can be, and to always put neighborhoods first, please join me in voting for Albert Vera.

I am looking forward to working with Albert on the Council and, with your vote, we will make that happen. Thank you!

Councilmember Göran Eriksson

Culver City


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