Photos Reveal Flyer Distributors


April 5, 2018

Photo Courtesy Culver City Residents

Over the past several weeks a flyer has been distributed a group calling itself AD HOC COMMITTEE FOR Culver City RESIDENTS FIRST. To our knowledge no such committee exist. The Culver City Observer believes groups and individuals supporting or opposing candidates or ballot measures should fully disclose themselves. Many residents have video cameras at their front doors and the Observer requested photos of anyone distributing the flyers in order to identify the people and groups doing the distribution.

Photo Courtesy Culver City Residents

Photos courtesy Culver City Residents


Reader Comments(1)

Anonymous writes:

While I do not take a position on the flyer itself, I note that it is a core principle of American democracy that citizens have a right to remain anonymous when commenting on matters of public concern. Anonymity can be key to political participation. Isn't it ironic that the Observer criticizes the 'ad hoc committee' for remaining anonymous, yet publishes photos taken by people that are identified only as 'Culver City Residents'? Some would call that hypocrisy.


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