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By Alex Conte
Kid Scoop Media Correspondent 

Local Student Covers Air Force One Landing


March 22, 2018

Alex Conte

Age 8

CCUSD Student

March 13 at 10:38pm; Today, we watched Air Force One land and it was really cool. Then lots of people came out of the back of the plane and the President came out of the front of the plane. It was raining so he didn't talk to the press. My favorite planes were the helicopter, Marine One, and the giant gray aircraft that carried two helicopters, a limousine they call "the beast" and a bunch of cars to California. I would have liked to ask President Trump if he supports the high school walkout against guns coming up. I will ask him next time I see him. My name is Alex Conte, reporting from LAX. Thanks for supporting Kids Scoop Media.


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