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By Mitch Chortkoff
Sports Editor 

Kevin Love's Panic Attacks Are Real


After covering the NBA for almost 50 years I learned something today that had never crossed my mind.

It is possible for these superior athletes to suffer like anyone else. Yes, they can experience panic attacks while playing a game that is admired by millions of fans.

Kevin Love, the former UCLA star, has told us he has suffered panic attacks and tells anyone who has done that should take it seriously. He says he’s now paying attention to his mental health.

Love isn’t playing right now because of an injury but hopes to rejoin his Cleveland teammates for the upcoming playoffs.

As I read his story I thought about the many times I saw him play at UCLA and then in the NBA. A big, confident star basketball player.

But this is a serious profession for these players. Coaches and teammates depend on them. Often it’s the best against the best.

I believe Love fits very well into a high caliber NBA team.

But even if this is true there’s the human element, what’s going through the NBA grind with so much at stake.

Love says he didn’t even know what a panic attack was at the beginning. How many of us would have the same reaction? But the more he realized what was going on he realized what he was going through.

Love tells us an assistant coach was once giving him instructions but he barely understood a word.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a remarkably difficult season for a team of their caliber. Can they overcome the problems they’ve been through? Can they be rescued by the Lakers of all teams who sent them Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.

After occupying third place in the Eastern Conference in the stretch drive can they reach the NBA Finals against the Western Conference representative?

Can Kevin Love put everything aside and lead them?


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