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Dear Editor,


Here are few things you may not know about Daniel Lee, who is running for City Council.

Here’s what you may know: You may know that he’s very knowledgeable about matters pertaining to the Inglewood Oil Field, as well as gas and oil production in general, including the health and safety risks to which we Culver City residents are exposed. But did you know that he visited a CA State Assembly person and advocated for policy solutions? I was there, and I was so impressed by ideas—his ideas-- that would never have occurred to me.

You may know that Daniel is very knowledgeable about affordable housing and renters –both the facts pertaining to renters in Culver City, and policies and laws statewide. But did you know that he has his own policies to recommend to the City of Culver City? Did you know that he himself has been a renter in Culver City for 15 years ? (Did you know that, contrary to public perception, many renters in our city continue living here for decades and want to remain in their homes?)

Did you know that Daniel is very knowledgeable about climate change, including the ways gas and oil production, as well as automobiles and busses, contribute to climate change, and that he shares his knowledge far and wide?

Did you know that Daniel Lee is a social worker with a graduate degree from UCLA?

Did you know that Daniel Lee has volunteered at El Rincon Elementary School for 14 years in a special program geared toward assisting troubled youngsters—essentially drama therapy?

I’ve known Daniel for 10 years, and he continues to impress. I will be voting for Daniel Lee for City Council April 10, and I hope you will too.

Rebecca Rona-Tuttle

Culver City


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