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By Bosmat Eynav
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*West is Best*



February 22, 2018

The tension is building dramatically, just like the NBA knows how to do it: A week before the deadline, on February 8th, the Clippers announced the Blake Griffin trade to the Pistons.

Let’s be reminded that just few months ago, Griffin himself signed a 5-year contract for $175 million with the Clippers, right after the Heart*Pulse of this team, Chris Paul, was traded to Houston.

One thing for sure: we can sense that the Core of the Clippers is transforming: A New Seed is Born!

I am now confident that this New Seed will become a Wonderful Tree. When it begins to grow, the Clippers will be there to pick the fruit: They will “feed their hunger” to the ring!

The legendary Jerry West has joined the Clippers’ with the title of consultant but it must be understood

that he has a very large role in the makeup of the roster just as he’s had for all his winning teams.

West “engineers” Change: He modifies the very Core of his teams. He reconstructs them once again to emerge as

New Championship Material.

He has accomplished this so many times before, as with the Lakers, with Memphis & with Golden State.

The real purpose behind this current trade is simply to lower the "income roof” and to open up new financial possibilities. West needs this freedom of movement & flexibility in order to reform & originate the right mix of players able to win their next championship.

During the last four years that I have been writing for them, my sentiments have grown warm for the Clippers. I feel that this team has the necessary strength to bind itself together as a formidable unit: This team is blessed with great personality.

For the sparkling new Clippers, these are its *Days of Change.*

As for my own instincts, I am going to put my trust in Jerry West!

I just can’t wait to see this thrilling team perform in the summer of 2019.

Alan J. Churney contributed to this article


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