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Concerned About Drilling 30 New Oil Wells & Fracking Within Culver City Limits?


February 15, 2018

Dear editor,

On Wednesday, February 21st the City of Culver City invites us all to come learn about its new proposed oil & gas regulations and their environmental impacts review (EIR).

This is the time to ask where in the EIR are risks of earthquakes addressed?

Can an earthquake be stopped if drilling or fracking may trigger a faultline slipping?

What measures does the City's EIR propose to protect us?

What research is being used to justify the plan to allow drilling and fracking from 400' to 800' respectively from our homes?

What data are these setbacks based on, especially in light of peer-reviewed scientific studies showing the significant health risks to folks living within a ½ mile (2640') of oil and gas production?

Will Culver City do a property damage baseline risk before allowing the new operators of the oil field to drill or frack? Will Culver City conduct a study to determine a health risk baseline, especially given the number of folks already suffering from asthma and cancer?

The City is holding this meeting at Vets Memorial Building, Rotunda Room, from 6:30 -to 8 pm on Wednesday, February 21. I look forward to seeing you there if you too are concerned about your health, safety, and property values.

Dr Suzanne De Benedittis, PhD

Culver City


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