Group Says Dunwoody is the Candidate with "Independence and Courage"


February 8, 2018

One of the leaders in fighting for clean food and water, Food and Water Action is today endorsing Steve Dunwoody for Assembly, in California's 54th District.

In a statement, Adam Scow, California Director of Food and Water Action, said:

“Food & Water Action strongly endorses Steve Dunwoody for State Assembly. Steve understands that California must take bold action to transition off of fossil fuels in order to avoid climate disaster and to improve public health. Steve understands that urban oil drilling and fracking in California are a major threat to our communities and must be stopped. California desperately needs more legislators who have both the independence and courage to take on large corporate interests that have a stranglehold over state policy.”

Dunwoody, accepting the endorsement, said:

“Food & Water Action is fearless in the fight against toxic pollution that’s making our communities sick. I’m honored to have their endorsement. As Donald Trump attacks the environmental protections that keep us safe, we can’t afford 'business as usual. Democratic politics.”

Steve Dunwoody ( is an Iraq War veteran, and was the first progressive challenger in the 54th Assembly District Primary. Steve was named Democrat of the Year for the 54th Assembly District by his fellow activists for his grassroots leadership in several clubs and in the fight for progressive policy statewide.

He was previously California Director for the Vet Voice Foundation, working on conservation issues in the Golden State. Steve is a member of the Sierra Club, Community Coalition and the Black Cooperative Investment Fund. He also serves on the Young Professionals Council of the LGBT Center and National Association of Black Veterans. He lives in Palms.


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