Peter Rabbit At The Grove: An Exciting Assignment

Blake Blechren

Age 11

"TARADIDDLE." In the soon to be released movie Peter Rabbit, Bea (played by Rose Byrne) used the word "taradiddle" to win the board game she was playing with Mr. MacGregor (played by Domhnall Gleeson). When challenged, she explained that it is a word that means fib or pretentious nonsense.

Over the weekend I had the tremendous opportunity of covering the Green Carpet at the World Premiere of Peter Rabbit at the Grove as a reporter for Kid Scoop Media. I conducted interviews and then got to see the movie in the very same theater as all the films stars... I had a great day!!

At the premiere, they had live rabbits, a huge oversized inflatable carrot, a 6-foot tall Peter Rabbit walking around and paw prints on the carpet leading the invited guests directly to the theater for the screening. Really, anything rabbity or rabbit related.

I hadn't really thought about it before, but it was fascinating to hear about the challenges of doing a film that used both "real" people and CGI (computer generated imagery). Domhnall Gleeson (Mr. MacGregor) told me, "It was very hard to act with little people in blue jumpsuits running around." Several of the actors talked about how they had no idea what it was going to look like when finished. They just had to trust.

And, it was different for the actors playing the rabbits as they could just come in wearing whatever they wanted and say their lines. When I asked James Corden, "What's different about being in front of a camera or just using your voice?" He told me, "Well, the best part is that I can show up to work in pajamas, with cookies and do my lines." I think he was joking, but I'm not sure.

I also spoke with Dominic Lewis, the composer of the movie. He said that while approaching the movie he knew that the director of the film, Will Gluck, loves to have a lot of music in his movies. And once you see the film, you'll understand how well he made the music, by tossing in a bunch of different instruments giving it so many different sounds. Fun Fact: he was inspired to be a musician when he was three years old and played the cello.

The movie brings Peter Rabbit to a new generation of kids. This was one of the reasons James Corden said he wanted to work on this project. That was definitely the case for me, and I'm looking forward to reading some of the original stories. The movie was a lot of fun and I saw all ages of kids laughing at the rabbit's antics. It's definitely worth checking out.

Don't walk, hop! Peter Rabbit opens in theaters February 9th. That's not a taradiddle!


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