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By Stephen Hadland
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Four Vie For Two Culver City Council Seats

Voters Asked to Approve Marijuana Taxes


January 25, 2018

Jeremy Green, Culver City Clerk announced that four residents have been certified as candidates for the Office of City Council Member to be elected by the voters of the City of Culver City. Voter will elect two to serve on the council for four years.

The Candidate's Filing Period closed at 5:30 pm on Friday, January 12.

The 2018 General Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, April 10.

Albert Vera, Marcus Tiggs, Daniel Lee and Harden Fisch will appear on the ballot.

Tiggs and Lee both ran unsuccessfully two years ago.

In addition to the council race voters will be asked to impose taxes on marijuana businesses which are expected to open in the city following the voter mandated LAW allowing recreational use of marijuana. Listed as Measure A on the ballot it would tax commercial marijuana cultivation at $12.00/square foot and gross receipts of marijuana businesses not exceeding: 6% manufacturing/distribution; 8% medical retail; 10% adult use retail; and 1.5% testing. Council members would have the ability to raise the taxes in future years without voter approval.

The city claims the taxes would be used to fund general municipal services including but not limited to fire/paramedic/police protection, road repairs, youth programs, parks and recreation. Like most cities that have approved the sale, the city believes it will raise approximately $1,200,000 annually.

While legal in California, Cannabis or marijuana as it is known is still illegal under Federal Law. Recent administrations have chosen not to enforce the law and Congress doesn't appear to tackle changing the current status.


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