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Driver Pulls Gun in Road Rage Over Parking Space

El on Modified Lockdown


January 25, 2018

Just when you thought road rage was taking a break it reared its ugly head in the Big Lots parking lot in Culver City.

It was reported that two women were fighting over the same parking space. One of the women, Endria Nowella Castillo, 41, pulled a gun on the other driver. No shots were fired. Castillo then sped off into Sunkist Park when she was a caretaker at a home across the street from El Marino School.

With the proximity to a school police advise the school of the situation and El Marino was placed on modified lockdown. According to CCPD Lt. Troy Dunlap there were children on the playground and they were quickly moved indoors.

The Lt. stressed there was no order to shelter in place as seen in other situations as police quickly identified the house and took Castillo into custody.

She was released the following day on $50,000 bail awaiting charges from the district attorney.


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