Culver City-The Apple Of Their Eye

Apple's New Campus Will Be Located in Culver City

After HBO backed out of the move to Culver City Apple scooped up the space at 8777 Washington Boulevard which is slated to be in construction soon.

Apple's new space will be comprised of 128,000 square feet of retail and creative office space and will replace the former Surfas site.

"Culver City is looking forward to Apple growing its operations in our community. The creative economy has played an important role in Culver City since the City's incorporation in 1917. Culver City motto is "The Heart of Screenland" and this was relevant 100 years ago, when the first movie production studio opened here and continues today as the screen you view your creative content ranges from the movie theatre to your iPhone," said Culver City Mayor Jeffrey Cooper.

It continues to have a significant positive economic impact in the city a century later with data showing that creative industries comprise over 14% of total employment across all industries in the city in 2014, nearly double that of the Los Angeles region.

The City of Culver City has invested considerable resources in the vicinity of Apple's new building. "This site is located at the corner of Washington and National, the heart of the City's Transit Oriented Development District (T.O.D.), which is anchored by Culver City's Metro Expo Line station," added Mayor Cooper. "With the recent opening of The Platform and the future Ivy Station, this area will no doubt be further transformed into a vibrant, walkable destination in a few short years," he said.

Culver City's recent growth into a more mature city has resulted in wonderful amenities in the community, securing the community's position as an important and exciting creative node within the region. Additionally, the City's Transit Oriented Development District planning efforts have resulted in a higher density neighborhood around the Expo Line station that provides new high quality housing, retail, and employment opportunities, while also improving regional mobility and air quality through reduced local reliance on the automobile. In the near future, the City will be taking the next steps toward implementing improvements to address first and last mile mobility and local circulation needs.

In addition to the new office building in Culver City Apple is also said to be leasing an 85,000 square-foot campus at 5500 Jefferson Boulevard located near Culver City.

Apple's Beats subsidiary is already located in Culver City, and it's likely Apple will use the new office space for its video content team and original content efforts.

Apple originally planned to lease space at The Culver Studios, but that space ultimately went to Amazon.


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