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Dunwoody Snags Major Endorsement In California Assembly Race


January 11, 2018

Steven Dunwoody

Adding to his quickly growing list of endorsements, Steve Dunwoody's campaign for Assembly, in California's 54th Assembly District, is being endorsed by Americans for Democratic Action of Southern California, today.

In a statement, Clifford Tasner, President of ADA SoCal said:

"Steve Dunwoody is exactly the kind of activist that ADA SoCal admires. He's a veteran who has used his voice to speak out on environmental issues and economic justice. He went up and down the state with Bernie Sanders trying to help pass Prop. 61, which would have reduced the cost of prescription drugs for Californians. He's an example of someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. He campaigns for this assembly seat not out of any sense of long-held desire for the seat, but because he sees a deep societal need and wants to help fill it. ADA SoCal looks forward to working with Steve Dunwoody when he gets to Sacramento, to continue building a more equitable, sustainable, just society and world!"

Dunwoody, accepting the endorsement, said:

"I'm beyond humbled to have the support and endorsement of the ADA, here in Southern California, as we continue to show that our campaign is the leading progressive voice in the race. For decades, the ADA has been the tip of the spear on progressive solutions to the issues that face us. From Eleanor Roosevelt to today's leaders, the ADA has been the home of America's most stalwart progressive voices. It is my hope that our campaign will follow in the tradition of those leaders, and I look forward to fighting alongside the ADA in this campaign, and in Sacramento."

Steve Dunwoody ( is an Iraq War veteran, and the only progressive challenger in the 54th Assembly District Primary. Steve was named Democrat of the Year for the 54th Assembly District by his fellow activists for his grassroots leadership in several clubs and in the fight for progressive policy statewide.

He was previously California Director for the Vet Voice Foundation, working on conservation issues in the Golden State. Steve is a member of the Sierra Club, Community Coalition and the Black Cooperative Investment Fund. He also serves on the Young Professionals Council of the LGBT Center and National Association of Black Veterans. He lives in Palms.


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