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By Steve Finley
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Who is the best quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft?


January 4, 2018

By Steve Finley

For the past three years two local college quarterbacks have dominated the talk about who is the best NFL ready signal caller. UCLA’s Josh Rosen and USC’s Sam Darnold climbed to the top of the list. Now Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield has joined the club.

All three players have strong points and weak points. Darnold and Mayfield combine great athletic ability with good quarterback skills and tremendous leader skills and a will to win. Rosen is the best pure passer out of the three and he is a better pocket passer.

Although Rosen maybe the best NFL ready quarterback he has been injured the past two years and that has NFL teams wondering if he can step in right away and make a difference. If he can’t take the hits in college we all know the NFL hits harder.

That’s why Darnold or Mayfield looks like the best choice for a team like Cleveland that went 0-16. They are both durable and they have size and weight to take hits from 28-year-old men who weigh over 300 pounds.

If you count the this season’s bowl games you will really get confused. Rosen did not play in his bowl game because of injuries and Darnold and Mayfield lost their games. Of the three, Darnold had the worst bowl game but he still looks like the best choice for Cleveland. One game does not define a player’s career.


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