Congratulations Magic and Rob, The Roster Makes Sense

The biggest complaint I’ve heard from Laker fans in the last five years is the lack of improvement in the annual roster.

Since the Lakers lost four straight first round playoff games to the San Antonio Spurs in 1912 and haven’t qualified since then I take these complaints seriously.

Finally, owner Jeanie Buss replaced two front office leaders this season and brought in former Laker great Magic Johnson and respected player agent Rob Pelinka.

Their job is to acquire players who upgrade the talent level.

I’m not naïve enough to believe the Lakers are going to make the playoffs this season but I’m impressed with the direction they’re heading.

You can’t be where they’ve been and suddenly become a team that can challenge the Warriors, Cavaliers or Celtics for playoff success this season but I expect progress. And I’m seeing it.

The Lakers have a roster that makes sense this season. They lose to more talented teams but they bring hope to their fans on some nights.

The roster makes sense.

Lonzo Ball is the marquee player. Brook Lopez is a big upgrade at center and Kyle Kuzma is an unheralded late first round draft choice who shows signs of become a star.

But I’m real impressed with the thought that’s been given to loss publicized members of the roster.

Two defensive specialists, guards Kentavious Caldwell Pope and Corey Brewer bring balance to the squad.

Can the Lakers get into the playoffs and give the Warriors, Cavaliers and Celtics tough competition this season? Unlikely.

But you’ve got to start somewhere and they’ve done it. There’s talk they may be able to sign LeBron James next summer but whether or not that happens they’re being taken seriously around the league.

An example of progress was their convincing victory over Denver Sunday night at Staples Center. They Lakers started well and left no doubt they were going to hold onto the lead.

Denver is a high scoring team and the Lakers had lost five of their last six games. But Coach Luke Walton had the Lakers well prepared.

When Walton told struggling forward Brandon Ingram “enjoy the process of sophomore development” you could see he’s a patient man.


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