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By Mitch Chortkoff
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Dodgers Lose Craziest Game: Now What Happens?


November 2, 2017

Eight home runs. Both teams having a lead in extra innings. The Dodgers lose as their streak of going 98-0 when they lead after innings ends.

Yes, they’re calling Wednesday night’s action at Dodger Stadium the greatest Game Two in World Series history.

I haven’t seen them all through the years but I think the label fits.

The Dodgers won Game One in only a little over two hours. Many fans left the ballpark believing the Dodgers looked good enough to end their World Series drought that spans 29 years.

Well, the Dodgers are good. But their opponent, the Houston Astros are good too.

They have to be good to emerge as the American League representative in this World Series instead of the Cleveland Indians who won 21 straight games during the season.

And they have to be good to recognize that the Dodgers outplayed them in Game One and they had to do better.

Manager A.J. Hinch remained calm.

“These are talented players who aren’t going to be great every night. I know their capabilities and I don’t worry if they have an off night.”

George Springer ended a slump by hitting a home run. His teammates, including the marvelous 5-foot-6 Jose Altuve got in the spirit too,

It was such a great game that I hesitate to write anything negative about it. But I can try.

The Dodgers adopted a baseball term known as “a bullpen game,” That’s when a manager decides this is a game when highly successful starting pitchers get a night off and relief pitchers carry the load. No Kershaw or any of the regular starters.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. This time it didn’t.

Most baseball people I talk to believe it’s a useful tactic. But was this the time when you have a chance to go 2-0 in the World Series?

The Dodgers used eight pitchers starting with their choice of relieving their starter after four effective innings. The Astros hit four home runs from the 11th inning on. Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy was called upon even though he hadn’t pitched since October 1 due to an injury.

It remains to be seen if the Astros will be energized in the next three games because of fan support. After the horrible flooding this year these fans deserve a good time.

Coming off a sensational Game Two victory the Astros are likely to remain productive. It will be up to the Dodgers to fight off which likely will be a major challenge.

I see that the New York Yankees have decided not to bring back manager Joe Girardi. The Yankees were exciting and very good as new star Aaron Judge and quality pitching brought them into the playoffs and battled the Astros to the finish.

What did they to deserve losing their manager?

Sometimes things happen that I simply don’t understand.


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