Health Inspectors Comb Westfield Culver City Food Court


November 2, 2017

Health Inspectors Comb Westfield Culver City Food Court

Inspectors for the Environmental Health section of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health inspected the food court including food vendors at Westfield Culver City this week after a customer, Meeyoung Choi, who was dining with her mother saw and felt black droppings on their table and food. She also saw cracks in the ceiling tiles and saw some movement in the ceiling. She did not observe any rodents. She posted a video online showing rat feces which fell on her table.

The story was picked up by all major television news stations and showed the video after the fecal matter started falling. “We were just so shocked and disgusted,” she told a KTLA reporter.

The health department said on Tuesday they a complaint had not been filed but after learning about the issue via the news media an inspector was sent to the mall.

The public health department issued the following statement:

“Public Health investigated numerous food facilities within the food court for possible rodent infestation. Staff conducted inspections at found old rodent droppings, and ordered four food facilities to clean and sanitize their facilities within 24 hours as per inspection guidelines. Public Health will re-inspected these facilities and also continue to inspect other facilities in the food court area.”

No further action was taken at the time of the inspection.

Choi alerted security which she claimed was slow to respond. Westfield Culver City issued the following statement, “We are currently investigating this customer’s complaint internally and have been in contact with the customer. We take sanitary issues very seriously and are still very surprised about this claim," the statement read.

The food court remains open pending further onsite investigation and inspections.


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