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By Scott Wilson

Tennis Program Comes To Culver City


October 12, 2017

I would like to share some information regarding our new tennis program here in Culver City. As a resident of Culver City with four children in the school district I looked into the middle school for what they offered for tennis.

At the time, September 2016, there was no middle school tennis program and other than a small serving of classes being held through the parks and recreation, there was not much in terms of classes, teams or tournaments within Culver City.

I am by trade a tennis coach/instructor. I have owned two tennis facilities and hold the highest level of certification that the United States Tennis Professional Association offers through testing.

I have been coaching and directing tennis for more than 22 years and have coached more than 60 players into college tennis and coached seven players that currently or recently have been playing on the pro tour.

I was a little shocked when I found that there really wasn't much tennis offerings in Culver City and none at the middle school. With the help of the Middle School Administration, the Athletic Director, Tom Salter and the head coach of the high school Tennis Teams, we were able to start a middle school tennis team for boys and girls last year.

The team currently consists of almost 60 boys and girls. Since the team only trains and plays for 12 weeks a year we looked into supplementing the school program with a tennis club program that would provide year round support and development for the players in CCUSD as well as players within the surrounding communities.

On June 15 the Culver City Tennis Club was born. Starting with four weeks of Summer Tennis Camps for CCUSD as part of their "Future Centaurs" camp programs and now fielding three youth tennis teams competing in and around the Westside, the Culver City Tennis Club is growing daily providing youth lessons, teams and after school community tennis support for our community

Our club teams starting competing two weeks ago with three home games at the CCHS tennis courts. We hosted three other local teams in match play bringing more than 80 youth tennis players to the CCHS tennis courts on Sunday September 24.

This past weekend two of our teams competed at home and one traveled to the Los Angeles Tennis Club. One of our teams hosted the prestigious Riviera Country Club.

Our next games are on Sunday October 22 @ CCHS from 1-5pm.

Coach Scott Wilson, CCMS and CCTC Head Coach


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