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By Neil Rubenstein
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Council Delays Cherness Vote For A Year


October 12, 2017

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse the City Council’s pitcher threw a spitter high and outside. Most of us who knew his Honor Judge Harold Cherness to be honest, fair and just; a person who had the respect and admiration of the community upon his passing the Council said no tributes could be installed for at least one year. So, we waited and waited and waited some more; until a member of the Council said they were developing a new policy and there was no telling when this phase would be completed, Baloney!

If you want a loaf of the best bread you have ever tasted go to Lodge Bread Company, 11918 Washington Blvd. Don’t leave the store without buying sourdough cinnamon rolls; trust your cousin you’ll be glad you did.

A report from the Southern Poverty Law Center says California ranks highest among the 50 states with nearly 80 different hate groups calling the Golden State home. Most of the groups are concentrated in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay area and the Sacramento region. In a 2016 report it showed 917 hate groups such as white supremacists, black separatists organizations, Ku Klux Klan there has been nearly 200 percent increase in anti-Muslim groups since 2015. Fox news.

Who would have thought, California health officials said 120 terminally ill people ended their lives since, the right-to-die law took effect in 2016?

If you are a law enforcement person and need a job or a location with less stress why not consider Spokane, Washington. Maria AKA the “Wild Gypsy Lady” recently told me Spokane needs another 44 officers on the street. Seems like a great opportunity.

In 2009 Ron Haskins of the Brookings institute published a paper “Success Sequence”. Haskins believes someone who completes high school, works full time and doesn’t have children until after marriage has only a two percent chance of being poor.

Governor John Carney said recently he was opposed to drilling for oil and gas in federal waters off the coast of Delaware.

Although it doesn’t happen very often the Attorney General for Colorado decided not to charge a presidential elector who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton even though state law required it.

As sure as God made little green apples some country on the Pacific Ocean has declared “War” on our Navy. Since January 2017 there have been four serious “Accidents”. The USS Antietam ran aground near Japan, in May 2017 the USS Lake Champlain was struck by a South Korean fishing boat, on June 17 a cargo ship rammed the USS Fitzgerald and now the collision of the USS Mc Cain with a tanker near Singapore. Not since WWII has our Navy suffered so many “accidents.” I venture to say when the truth comes out I believe some country is messing with our ship’s systems causing havoc with our radar and sonar.

The state of Illinois will honor former President Obama with his own state holiday. Governor Bruce Rauner signed “Barack Obama Day” into law on Friday, August 11. The newest state holiday will be celebrated on August 4 (his birthday) starting in 2018.

The Economist magazine has picked these 10 as the world’s most livable cities.

1. Melbourne Australia

2. Vienna Austria

3. Vancouver Canada

4. Toronto Canada

5. Calgary (Tie) Canada

6. Adelaide (tie) Australia

7. Perth Australia

8. Auckland New Zealand

9. Helsinki Finland

10. Hamburg Germany

Rating is based on 30 factors spread across five areas – stability, infrastructure, education, health care and environment.

Died in 2017:

David Bowie Arnold Palmer Roger Moore

Prince John Glenn Mary Tyler Moore

Florence Henderson Alan Thicke Chuck Berry

Muhammad Ali Carrie Fisher George Michael

Debbie Reynolds Mike “Mannix” Connors Al Jarreau

Barbara “Della Street” Hale Don Rickles Dr. Professor Irwin Corey

Adam “Batman” West Chuck Barris “Gong Show” Martin Landan

Glen Campbell Jerry Lewis

Is your family protected from whooping cough? Please speak to your doctor or your pharmacist because, in Alabama residents have been hit with 151 cases thus far this year.

If you thought California’s finances were messed up well partner just look at Illinois. Illinois has a $11.9 billion back log of unpaid bills and $130 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. Since 2011 the unfunded pension liability in Illinois has grown by $47 billion.

Although some just might think the election ended in November, and for many it did, for others the preparation for the next Culver City Council race has begun. We know the reason the conservative Republican group seems to elect their number is because they start building a resume of achievements and organizations. Unfortunately, the progressive Democrats seem to wait until the last minute and no doubt feel the huge plurality of registered voters makes the election a snap for demos.


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