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Justice For Justice Culver Man gets Five Years for Spying

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September 28, 2017

Gregory Allen Justice, 49 of Culver City who worked for a defense contractor was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for his guilty plea to economic espionage and violating the Arms Export Control Act by selling sensitive satellite information to a person he believed to be a Russian spy. It had all the twists and turns of a good spy novel, except the person he thought was a Russian Spy was an undercover FBI agent. He claimed he needed the money to care for his ailing wife who was confined to their home when he was spending his money on another woman who got Justice involved with in an online relationship. According to the FBI he sent her gifts and close to $21,000 in cash. She sent him fake photos of a model that she falsely claimed were of herself to persuade him to send the money.The two never actually met and the woman identified only at C.M. lives in Long Beach with her boyfriend. She was not implicated in the espionage case. His scheme unraveled in 2015 when a check of his work computer revealed he had transferred sensitive files to a thumb drive. He then sold the material on them to the undercover FBI agent. Justice worked on commercial and military satellites sold to the Military and NASA, federal court records show. As an engineer, he had access to closely held trade secrets, including anti-jamming technology, encryption plans for communication with satellites and technical data covered by the U.S. Munitions List, federal authorities said. It was also alleged that Justice planned to murder his wife using the drug Anectine that can cause cardiac arrest in when not used properly. Justice claimed that his wife had previously used the drug. He asked the FBI agent to supply him with the

drug to help his wife with her pain. Records show she had never been prescribed that medication. The judge rejected the murder claims citing lack of evidence.


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