Columnist Suggests Pickle Juice For Leg Cramps

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September 14, 2017

I am just sick and more than a little angry when I found out Ole Miss imposed a bowl ban for 2017 on herself. Just because the Rebels might be facing more penalties when the NCAA says their program committed more than 20 rules violations over the past several years. For the ninth year in a row Sea Islands (near Brunswick, Georgia) has received four stars from Forbes Travel Guide making it the only location in the world with that distinction. Need a vacation then take a rest in Savannah, Brunswick, Sea Island and St. Simons Island – all in Georgia. Ten thousand new hires are needed to work for the federal government in the Department of Homeland Security in Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Our government also needs an additional five thousand border patrol agents. Do you ever get leg cramps after a day of golfing or some other physical activities? Some of us swear that this old remedy really works. Its’ pickle juice.You said a mouth full. If you have trouble finding it on the supermarket shelf I suggest buying a jar of pickles and siphoning the amount needed. Keep refrigerated and always check with your doctor. This time its state gas taxes. If you remember a few years ago the Federal government raised their tax by 18 cents a gallon. Gasoline is going to be so expensive we can all join Councilmember Meghan Sahli-Wells’ wild bicycle camel corps. States with the highest gas taxes to the lowest gas taxes. Per gallonCity Per gallon City 58.2 Pennsylvania 23.0 North Dakota 49.4 Washington 22.9 Alabama 44.4 Hawaii 22.4 Virginia 43.9 New York 22.0 Colorado 40.4 Michigan 21.8 Arkansas 39.9 Connecticut 21.4 Tennessee 38.1 California 20.0 Louisiana 37.1 New Jersey 20.0 Texas 36.8 Florida 19.0 Arizona 34.6 North Carolina 18.9 New Mexico 34.0 Illinois 18.8 Mississippi 34.0 Rhode Island 17.3 Missouri 33.6 Indiana 17.0 Oklahoma 33.5 Nevada 16.8 South Carolina


33.5 Maryland 12.3 Alaska A federal appeal court up held a Maryland ban on military -style rifles and large capacity magazines on February 21, 2017 ruling that such arms are beyond the shelter of the U.S. Constitution. I wonder how the Supreme Court will rule when this law gets there. Chinese investment in the United States tripled last year to record $45.6 billion, according to New York consulting firm Rhodium Group. Politicians on both sides of the aisle say some of the purchases threaten national security. Even Ray Charles could see the need to teach Chinese in our school system. Somehow I came across a report from United Van Lines dated January 2017 discussing the relocation of retirees. California and Texas had the most seniors moving in with ten thousand apiece. Also, popular with the group were Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and Virginia. The report was for 2016. Are you a breakfast person? Do you need something besides a lemon donut and a cup of coffee? If so you should drive to 11918 Washington Blvd, Culver City (424) 384-5097 and see the folks at Shakshouka. You will be glad you did. Check and double check with your doctor and pharmacy regarding a generic version of Adrenaclick, an alternative to the $600 Epi pen. Someone whispered in my ear the CVS discounted price is $10.00, if true what a savings!!. Cousin Neil is extremely thankful he cannot find bars of lava soap for sale if they were available and mother was still here, she just might try to rinse my mouth of the dirty thoughts I have regarding such despicable subjects as city hall wages, pensions, and the Southern California Edison Company. Foolish me I didn’t pursue the SCE rate increases as aggressively as I should have last Fall when we were trying to stop the power grab by the city manager. Recently like you the postman left a monthly statement for us due no later than April 2, 2017 for $108.66. As I recall the highest bill in the 40 years we have been a resident of Culver City has been less than $50. Just so Fire Chief David White and the men at the fire house know, I plan to reduce that cost by buying candles from the 99-cent store as well as, batteries, flashlights, turning off all room lights and perhaps a small Asian Barbeque. I am hopeful sooner or later the regulators in Sacramento will wake up and not give these huge increases to the utilities. For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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