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Gubernatorial Hopeful Speaks in Culver City

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August 17, 2017

Assemblyman Travis Allen spoke before the 54th Assembly District Republican Central Committee last Tuesday evening. Reinvigorated by the efforts of the chair of the 54th AD Central Committee Bret Osterberg, Allen spoke to a full house of almost 100 Republicans. Allen came out blasting at the Democrats especially Governor Jerry Brown accusing him of leaving the poor and middle class behind. With the largest gasoline tax in California history set to take effect on November 1, Allen stressed that it will only hurt the poor and people who make less money, "Californians will have less money to put food on the table." He is leading the charge to repeal the upcoming gas tax; Allen went on to say, "California's 13.3% income tax rate is the highest in the nation. Our state sales tax of 7.25% is also the highest in the nation – and when you factor in local taxes, sales tax in some cities can reach as high as 10%. If that wasn't enough, Californians also pay among the highest gas taxes and highest car registration fees in the nation."He pointed to the fact that Democrats control every statewide office in California and also pointing to the Oroville dam disaster he pointed out the loss of from the dam spillway collapse wasted ten times more than all the water Californians saved last year through conservation efforts. When asked about the death penalty that hasn't been used in almost a dozen years Allen said, "The California voters have spoken time and time again in support of the death penalty. With the average cost of $50,000 for each prisoner on death row it costs California tax payers $1,000,000 to house them for their rest of their lives."Promoting what he called "common sense values" Allen encouraged voters to "take back our state" and concluded with one of the hot topics of the day saying, "yes, as Governor I will enforce federal laws on immigration.


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