Council Bans Leaf BlowersWill Cost City $1,000,000

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August 17, 2017

The city council effectively banned leaf blowers that were above 65 decibels in five years. Residents complained about the noise and chemical pollution the blowers caused. All the speakers spoke in favor of the ban with Chamber of Commerce President Steven Rose weighing in on the side of the residents. He objected to thw ban on the sale of leaf blowers pointing out that if someone walks across the street into Los Angeles they can still buy the item. City official were not so supportive. In the staff report the projections were that it would take five times as long to sweep the areas as opposed to using the blowers. With all the parks and city facilities staff estimated it would cost the city $1 million dollars in additional staff time to sweep. I one test the city sent an employee to Fox Hills Park to sweep it. The employee called and complain that not only did it take him hours long but he was unable to get the courts and related areas clean with a broom. A crew was sent up with blowers and finished the park in 15 minutes. Another concern was enforceability. Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica and Beverly Hill all have a ban on leaf blowers. The staff members in those cities reported that the ban was mostly ignored and if a resident complained the perpetrator had finished and left the site. Councilmember Goran Eriksson commented that it was a waste of time and it would make people "feel good. "His biggest objection was that it "would hurt business owners.


Ultimately to ban the sale of leaf blowers and the use of them by businesses is Culver City. The council passed the measure on a 3-2 vote with Mayor Cooper and councilman Eriksson in opposition. There was no discussion on where the city would come up with the $1 million dollars to fund the sweeping of city facilities.


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