Baseball' s Don Baylor Dies At 68Cancer Claims Former Angels player and coach

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August 10, 2017

At one time in his remarkable playing career Don Baylor played in the World Series three straight seasons. For three different teams. Baylor, who played for 14 different franchises, died Monday and has been praised by teammates and opponents as a special gentleman.

Baylor was the 1979 American League MVP after driving in 139 runs. He was later the Angels’ batting coach, In his major league career he hit 338 home runs. But despite his size and power Baylor became known for his ability to be hit by a pitch. He was hit 267 times Teammates talked about Baylor showing them the art of being hit by a pitched ball Baylor was popular with teammates and opponents alike and even sportswriters who are trained to merely do their jobs without showing favortism. “Heaven got a lot better today,” said sportswriter Lisa Nehus Saxon. “Don, thanks for everything.’ ‘ I will miss Don and I hope he is now at ease after his long, dignified battle with myelopa,”said longtime basebll writer Ross Newehan who

traveled with the Angels and became a close friend of Baylor. “Don was a champion in every walk of life,”said former major league pitcher Mark Gubzica “Shock and sadness of the passing of Don Baylor and Darren Daulton a few days apart,”said former star Mike Piazza. In addition to his accomplishments as a player Baylor is being rembered that an Atlanta hitting coach he helped develop Chipper Jones into an MVP


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